Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Heres my new toy comin out from http://bicplastics.com The blind-boxed BetXO series includes pairs of 2″ stackable animals with an interchangeable top figure. There are twelve figures in all: six top animals (Mouse, Eagle, Lion, Rabbit, Monkey and Kangaroo) and six base animals (Dog, Elephant, Pig, Hippo, Bear and White Bear). An artist series is expected to follow.


Anonymous said...

Yo Betso whats going on man. This is Brian Gray from myspace. I just wanted to give you a congrats on the toy man. Looks real clean and tight! Awesome brutha. Keep up the bad ass work!


PS Ill post something up on my blog to let the work know about ya. PEACE!

Anonymous said...

yo dude ! :)

Unknown said...

cool this toys!:)